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Holiday tours to Sri Lanka

Holiday in Sri Lanka, A splendid choice. When arranged by the right People “ Splendid Sri Lanka”. A Holiday is something well earned and has to be well spent. That’s why most travelers choose a Holiday in splendid Srilanka. With a holiday facilitated by "Splendid Sri Lanka" you receive more than you anticipate since Sri Lanka has so much to offer and leaves no one dissatisfied. Right now this Isle of Paradise has become a hot destination for tourists since the beautiful sunny Beaches. Scenic Country, Wild Life, Nature and diverse climatic conditions are some of the irrisistible attractions she posesses. Your dream, we make it a reality.

We Invite you to Dream Vacation of a Lifetime in"Sri Lanka" the Paradise Isle of the Indian ocean with your Holidays.


Dear Guests we invite you to spend your next vacation in Sri Lanka and receive value for money while supporting the many Hundred Thousands who are solely Dependent on Tourism for their existence.

Splendid Sri Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a Travel agency strongly focused on a Fair Trade concept taking measures to channel Benefits of the operations to the right and deserving individuals and cooperative institutions where the producers and workers receive fair wages and profits. At the same time we guarantee Guest situation through an excellent and courteous service where you receive value for money and also the satisfaction of supporting co existence.



We the “Splendid Sri Lanka” team ensure satisfaction of your tour, and our services begin from the time you start planning your tour. We take pleasure in giving you all the information and advice in planning your tour of Sri Lanka depending on what time of the year you wish to make your visit, your special interests, the duration of stay, if you are a Honey moon couple or a family with children. We make arrangements accordingly. The transport and guide are exclusively for you. We provide you adequate A/C transport according to the number of persons.

We specialize in Nature, Adventure and Culture tours. Since our land is Tropical with considerable areas of preserved forest, one could observe and enjoy the gifts of Nature. Our forests host an Elephant population of over 4500, Many other Animals such as Deer, Sambhur, Wild Buffalo, Wild Boar, Bear, Leopard and monkey that can bee seen on safari at the National Parks.
Many species of reptiles such as Land Monitor, Water Monitor, Crocodile and other smaller lizards are a common site.

Sri Lanka is also a Bird Watchers paradise with its 426 species of Birds. They consist of both migrant and resident Birds. 26 species are endemics.

Special guided tours for Bird Watching are a specialty of "Splendid Srilanka."

Being surrounded by the Sea, the diverse topography and climatic conditions with gushing rivers and mountains offer many opportunities to the adventure seeker. Deep sea diving , Fishing and other water sports , White water rafting, Mountain trekking, Cave explorations and Jungle Camping are some of the events in our Adventure programmes.

With a recorded history ranging back to the 5th Century B.C. and an early civilization , Sri Lanka is extremely rich in Culture. The perfect irrigation systems and edivises built and setup in the B.C period still stand as evidence of its by gone grandeur. The irrigation systems setup in that time still continue to serve the nation without much modification.

The ruined Capital cities of Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa still hold enough and more monuments and wreckages to impress any visitor giving him an idea of how well planned the cities were. The rice fields and reservoirs that irrigate them have served our natives for more than two millenniums the traditional aspects of our culture such as respectful behavior, Hospitality, Classical Songs and music, Dancing and other rituals are well preserved upto date.

With one visit to Sri Lanka one could observe and experience all this and more with the fact that we have both the modern cities and quaint villages where one would say Time Has Stood Still.



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